The scheme of I.C.S.E. examination
The I.C.S.E. Examination is held in March every year for the standard X students.

1 : English : Two papers of two hours each
    Paper I : General Questions such as essay,
    (English language) : : letter writing, comprehension
      : grammar etc.
    Paper II : : Questions from the prescribed text
    (Literature) : books
2 : Second language : One paper of three hours each
    Paper I : General questions such as essay,
    (Language) : letter writing, comprehension,
      : grammar etc
    Paper II : Questions based on prescribed
    (Literature) : text books.
3 : History & Civics,    
    Geography : Two papers of two hours each.
    Paper I : History & Civics
    Paper II : Geography  
4 : Mathematics   Mathematics : One paper of 2.30 hours
5 : Science            : Three papers of 1.30 hours and three practical examinations of 15 minutes each. 
6 : Computer Application : One paper of two hours
In addition to the above the candidates will have to com­plete satisfactorily the following :
  1. A third language       
  2. Art
  3. SUPW (Socially Useful and Productive Work)
  4. Physical Education    
  5. Education in Moral and Spiritual values.
  6. General Knowledge
There will be only internal assessment for the above subjects but a pass in SUPW is compulsory for I.C.S.E. Ex­amination and it will be recorded in the I.C.S.E. Certificate.

I.S.C. (XI & XII) Examination Groups & Combinations
Part I : English (Compulsory for all)
Part II : Any one of the following groups:
Group A : Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths / Second language.
Group B : Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Computer Science / Second language.
Group C : Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science / Second language.
Group D : Economics, Commerce, Accountancy, Computer Science